We have the capability to assess Market Understanding, Strategy and Business Intelligence, Leadership, Organisational Design, Products, Risk and Performance Management, Continuous Improvement and Learning & Development within your organisation, from multiple stakeholder perspectives. By using a variety of tools like surveys, interviews, focus groups, direct observation and even mystery shopping we can uncover a clear image of your organisation’s health. The results are benchmarked across industries and provide fact-based insights that enable you to make smart decisions going forward. Furthermore we can then build a tailored improvement or transformation plan to get you where you want to go.


If you need to implement new processes, develop new products or services, make major investments in capability or sharply change the course of certain KPIs like reducing costs or driving sales up, you most likely call these actions “projects”. We can help you design and implement projects by adapting advanced design and improvement methodologies like Business Process Improvement based on Lean and Six Sigma, Business Process Management and Reengineering, Design for Six Sigma or TRIZ. We can design and support the implementation of projects across different scopes (Process level, Function level, Business Process or across the entire company) according to your business needs.


Our learning programs offer training and workshop opportunities that address the most sensitive range of issues organisations face in the 21st century. They are designed to deliver results in practice while challenging participants to explore, examine and act on the most advanced tools and concepts in business practice today. Our learning approach is highly interactive, consisting of 40% study and 60% applicability of the knowledge transferred and involves case studies, exercises and hands-on projects. The Certification option available provides national coverage and is issued by the National Authority for Certification. Further certification is possible under internationally recognized examination conditions.


Everyone turns to their executives, managers and leaders for inspiration, guidance and support. In turn, we believe that they too sometimes need a fresh and competent perspective on things or someone to help them focus through new and difficult challenges. Our senior consultants use a blend of methods such as consultancy, advisory, coaching and mentoring to help leaders break through to the next level of performance. We also support leadership and management teams through tough processes like strategy development or business transformation using a balanced mix of facilitation techniques and specific input, customized according to your needs and expectations.


We design custom programmes for internal development needs: Business Excellence, Market Understanding, Performance Management Systems, Leadership Development Tracks, Customer Relationship Development, Culture Design We use our best knowledge to tailor these programmes to your organisation’s specific context and maturity level and help you align them to other efforts and the overall strategy of the organisation. And if you already have programmes in place that do not provide the expected results, we can work together to put failed initiatives back on track. We also create open programmes that address well established needs of the business community such as Strategy, Continuous Improvement and New Customer Development.


As we deliver Advanced Thinking to more people and organisations, we would like to create an ongoing conversation with those wanting to continuously grow and learn. For this purpose we have created the Advanced Thinking Leadership Club, a context for you to meet others like you to discuss real challenges and opportunities, to learn as we learn and even create new projects, more knowledge, unique perspectives. It is a space for leaders to experiment and for experts to get inspired. Because we like to develop lasting relationships with our customers and recognize their long term commitment to our approach, members of the club also have discounted access to all of our products and services.


We strive for continuous evolution of our methods and services; therefore, we have developed a Group of companies with new business lines such as Marketing, Legal, Human Resources services, and in the near future we will develop other areas such as attracting and running financing projects and IT services. Each area of expertise has a dedicated team of consultants who will evaluate the activity of the client's company and propose action plans based on the business objectives. Regardless of the services we offer, our activity is focused on results and the client's business needs. Working with us goes beyond offering our expertise, we help you achieve excellence.